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(May 25, 2002) - An audit of the latest Oracle and Microsoft-published performance data for the Java and .NET Pet Shop found the .NET Pet Shop to be over ten times faster than the latest optimized J2EE Pet Store based on the latest Oracle-published benchmark data. The independent auditor, VeriTest, also found serious issues with the Oracle-revised Java Pet Store application and testing methodology, including missing application functionality and flawed benchmark load test settings. This past March, Oracle published new benchmark data for the Java Pet Store based on a revised implementation of the Sun Java Pet Store 1.1.2. In May, VeriTest, a respected leader in independent software testing invited Oracle, to participate in an independent audit of their published benchmark data. Oracle declined to participate. VeriTest performed an audit of Oracle's data based on th... (more)

NEWS IN BRIEF: Windows XP To Be Made Less Vulnerable, Says Gates

It is essentially a PC security dashboard that will allow users to view and change security settings from a central area. New features include an enhanced network firewall and a pop-up-ad blocker. The company will also offer a new way to filter spam and potentially malicious programs that lurk on the Web. Ballmer, recognizing that virus-infected home PCs pose a risk to business users, said the company is studying how consumers can get software patches automatically when flaws are detected in Microsoft software. ... (more)

Neither Gates Nor Ballmer Is Microsoft's Highest Paid Exec

Related Links: After Sun-Microsoft Pact, "Coopetition" Is The Future, According to Ballmer Exclusive .NET Developer's Journal "Indigo" Interview with Microsoft's Don Box Sun and Microsoft's Interoperability Efforts Delayed Once More In its annual proxy filing with the SEC, Microsoft recorded this week the interesting fact that Bill Gates, while he may still own 10.09% of the company and still tops Forbes magazine's list of the world's richest people, doesn't get paid the most among Redmond's top execs. Neither does Steve Ballmer. Both gentlemen received, in the 2004 fiscal year (... (more)

Will Microsoft Longhorn Embrace .NET?

"Longhorn won't be based on the .Net Framework," according to a recent ZD News report. The .NET web services platform will form the core of the Avalon windows presentation system and the Indigo Windows communication system, according to this report, but will not form the core of the OS itself. .NET developers who are both in the know and willing to speak publicly about this reported revelation are scarce. However, given that .NET Developer's Journal readers are among the most savvy and courageous in the world, we welcome comments and insight from our visitors to this story! ... (more)

XML Filesaving To Be Part of Microsoft Office 12

XML will be the file-save default in next year’s Microsoft Office 12, the company has announced. The move is being made to allow Office to be more open to developers and other applications. File compression should improve as well, and developers will be able to strip out metadata more easily than they can today, and thus integrate it with other applications. The move will also allow competing products, such as Sun’s OpenOffice, to achieve better replication of Microsoft’s file formats. Steven Sinofsky, Microsoft’s senior vice-president for Office, said, ... (more)