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According to the latest monthly figures from the UK Internet services company Netcraft, there has been a 224% increase in the past year in the number of IP addresses with sites using ASP.NET. In comparison, the number of IP addresses using JSP and Java Servlets grew by only 56%. ASP.NET is thus emerging as a strong challenger to ColdFusion, which nonetheless remains in the No.1 slot. In the Fortune 1000, Netcraft found that 83 companies use ASP.NET on one or more of their sites.  It found that Tenet Healthcare, for example, has at least 88 sites which utilize ASP.NET. And other large enterprises utilising ASP.NET include American Electric Power, J C Penny, American Express, British Telecom, Nestle and Tesco. The Netcraft figures are based on the following signatures: ASP.NET - local references to ASP.NET file extensions are found on the front page of the site. Java ... (more)

Microsoft's Ballmer: "I See Nothing But Opportunity"

Steve Ballmer presented a lengthy keynote and partner session at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Minneapolis. Below is the complete transcript of the session. Steve Ballmer It is my honor, privilege, excitement, to be here with you today. For all the things I do -- and many of you have had a chance to hear this many times as I travel the world -- but everything I get to do working for Microsoft, there's one thing that's most energizing for me -- one thing, one thing -- meeting with our partners. And you say, this guy gives this line to every audience he meets with... (more)

Microsoft Resists the GPL

The rewritten GPL 3 license, modified to gut Microsoft's patent claims on open source, has been released and Microsoft's reaction has been to issue a statement saying it's not a party to it, has no legal obligations under it, and that the Free Software Foundation is on shaky legal grounds in claiming that distributing certificates for Novell SUSE support services puts it under the GPL's thumb. "We do not believe that such claims have a valid basis under contract, intellectual property, or any other law," Microsoft's lawyers said. "In fact, we do not believe that Microsoft needs a ... (more)

Ballmer Calls Red Hat a Patent Infringer

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has gotten a lot of people's knickers in a twist by saying that Red Hat users owes Microsoft patent payments. He dropped the nugget during a Q&A last week in England captured on tape and put on the Internet. He was talking about how open source products "have an obligation to participate in the same way in the intellectual property regime" as commercial companies with their hefty R&D budgets and patent licenses. Then - after praising Novell for its open source-scandalizing patent indemnification deal with Microsoft - he uttered the words: "People [who] ... (more)

2008 Prediction: "Net Neutrality Will Take an Even Worse Beating"

In SYS-CON's annual round-up of technology predictions, Joshua Allen, a Microsoft Senior Evangelist, issues a worrisome warning: 'Disparity between bandwidth haves and have-nots will grow. Net neutrality will take an even worse beating in 2008 than 2007.' Allen's predictions come in the end-of-year SYS-CON.com feature "Where's AJAX, SOA and Virtualization Headed in 2008?" - which also includes predictions from: Tim Bray, Sun; Dr Adam Kolawa, Parasoft; Eric Newcomer, IONA Technologies; Bill Roth, BEA Systems; Brad Abrams, Microsoft; Kevin Hoffman, iPhone Developer's Journal; Ian T... (more)